GARAGE MOTO SHOP DOO is a Belgrade shop of motorcycle and motorcycle accessories, with a range of over 30 different brands and manufacturers, and is an exclusive representative and importer of the renowned products of Caberg Spa (motorcycle brand from Italy), Gaerne Spa (the manufacturer of motorcycles, shoes from Italy), Five Advanced Gloves (a motorcycle glove manufacturer from France).

Caberg Drift Evo kaciga

At the 13th International Motorcycle Show, the company will show for the firts time the Drift Evo Sport touring helmet from Caberga. This helmet is the result of an experience gained in cooperation with the Caberg racing department and professional Drift Evo drivers. It is also equipped with a transparent scratch-resistant visor, adjustable by Pinpoint Max Vision anti-blur and integrated DVS (Double Visor Tech) anti-scratch shield, which can be easily controlled by a side lever. Triple ventilation provides ideal ventilation. It is offered in the new graphics versions of Integra and Gamma with composite fibers, as well as the Speedster version. A Carbon version, with a shell of carbon fiber, is available, and weighs 100 grams less than the composite fiber version.

Garage moto shop will offer a special fair discount of 10-20% to the fair customers.