Technical services

The services listed in the Application for Technical Services are contracted through the Exhibition Space Inspectorate, where you can also get information about other services that the Belgrade Fair can provide. The aforementioned services are not included in the price of renting and building the exhibition space, so they are charged separately.

The electrical network of the Belgrade Fair has a voltage of 220V single-phase and 3x380V three-phase, alternating current of 50Hz. The installation and devices to be connected must be set to work on the specified type of voltage and frequency. The regulations for the construction of temporary electrical installations apply to all exhibitors for the construction of installations for connecting various devices, machines and lamps for protection against contact voltage. The stand must have a distribution board, which is not included in the price of the connection, but is charged later. If the exhibitor has its own switchboard, which meets the regulations, the Belgrade Fair connects it to the network. The connection of the performed installation is approved by an expert from the electrical service of the Belgrade Fair.

Instructions and technical conditions for performing electrical installations at the Belgrade Fair

The Belgrade Fair offers its users the possibility of accessing the Internet via wireless (Wi-Fi) and UTP connections. Additional configuration and network setup services, as well as other technician services, are also available.

See more detailed Internet Usage Rules

speed package
WiFi package up to 5/5 Mbs
LAN package up to 50/50 Mbs

For the needs of its users, the Belgrade Fair has an internal telephone exchange through which it is possible to realize all types of automatic incoming and outgoing telephone traffic. Connection implies connection to the telephone network with a telephone device, and the use of an additional device or fax is subject to a separate payment in accordance with the price list.

For the decoration of the exhibition space, the Belgrade Fair rents furniture and other necessary equipment for decorating the stands to the exhibitors in accordance with the prices from the price list of the Belgrade Fair.

The furniture and equipment rental price includes the furniture rental for one fair event and the costs of delivery and shipping of the furniture from the stand.

The staff of the Belgrade Fair is available to the exhibitors for the tasks specified in the request for services. Payment is according to the price list.

The Belgrade Fair is not insured against theft of exhibition exhibits. We recommend our exhibitors take out trade fair insurance.

For uninsured exhibits, equipment and other property, in the event of damage (theft, damage, etc.), and during assembly, the duration of the event and disassembly, the Belgrade Fair assumes no responsibility. All responsibility and resulting damage are borne by the exhibitor.