About us

According to all criteria - appearance, atmosphere, attractive events and premieres, number of exhibitors and visitors... The Auto Show is a real spectacle every year. The glitz and glamor of this event attracts potential buyers, as well as those who just follow events and novelties in the automotive industry. Of course, we must not forget the business segment, as the most important, because importers and distributors of all world car brands, manufacturers of auto parts and equipment, representatives of related industries, professional organizations, associations, clubs gather at this exhibition and sales event...

It doesn't matter if you are interested in a passenger vehicle or a truck, the rule is - buy it at this event. From small city cars to luxury limousines, through SUVs, vans and delivery vehicles to the biggest trucks, the offer is the best at the Fair. Promotional and promotional prices and conditions of purchase should be used.

The fair is a place where novelties are affirmed through the active participation of visitors, test drives, prize games, fun and competitive events.

How it started

International Car Show

was fundamentally conceived at the First Belgrade Fair in 1937, where the segment of the automotive industry had a notable place. As early as (1-15) March 1938, the First International Motor Show was organized as an independent event, on 10,000 km2 of exhibition space, and 107 exhibitors presented 375 models of passenger and cargo cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, tractors, and even one motor excavator. Already the following year, the Salon was expanded with the Exhibition of Roads and Tourism...


The goal is of the organizer,

Belgrade Fair, in cooperation with its strategic partners - the Association of Road Vehicle Manufacturers of Serbia, the Serbian Association of Importers of Vehicles and Parts and the company DDOR Novi Sad, the general sponsor of this manifestation - to present the latest achievements of the entire automotive industry and the most diverse range of performance, design and technical and technological innovative solutions in all sectors of this industry. However, the emphasis of the program is on new concepts in the field of alternative, hybrid and electric drives, as well as safety solutions of new models, which for potential buyers become one of the key factors when choosing a new vehicle.