Verification of project

Instructions for verifying project

Every exhibitor who independently builds a stand and every contractor hired by the exhibitor to build a stand must submit the stand project to the Project Bureau of the Fair for approval, no later than three days before the start of the stand assembly period. The period of assembly and disassembly is determined in advance by the organizer of the event, about which the exhibitor is informed during registration.

Projects are submitted exclusively to the email address: in PDF format A4, vertical orientation, and must contain:

Each Project sent for approval must also contain the following information:

Every performer is obliged to fill out the Application, which regulates the rights and obligations of performers at the events of the Belgrade Fair.

We ask all exhibitors and contractors to familiarize themselves with the Regulations on participation in Belgrade Fair events and the schematic representation of ZONEs – height restrictions for the construction of stands by halls, before designing the stand.

The Contractor – the company that builds the stand – is responsible for paying the fee for common costs and certifying the project.

If the exhibitor builds the stand himself, his obligation is to verify the project and pay the compensation for common costs.

The price of the fee for common costs with the approval of the project is € 4,50 sq.m.

Exhibitors who build stands through the Project Bureau of the Belgrade Fair do not pay compensation for common costs.

Billable square footage calculation table:

All prices do not include VAT.