At this year’s DDOR BG Car Show 07, TRIO MOTORS, an authorized importer, seller and repairer of ISUZU vehicles, will showcase almost the entire D-Max range from the basic version in Single Cab configuration, Space Cab version to passenger and luxury Crew Cab variants in higher equipment packages.

Quite rare on the domestic market, regardless of the vehicle manufacturer, the Single Cab version of the ISUZU D-Max offers all benefits of 4WD propulsion to its users followed by the ability to transport bulky cargo weighing over 1,000 kilograms in a cargo area 2,305 millimeters in length.

Regular price of D-Max Single Cab model shown in the basic Satellite equipment package amounts to € 24,300 (+ VAT), whilst the price of the vehicle will amount € 21,600 (+ VAT) at the fair.

The other car on offer is D-Max in the Space Cab configuration, which is characterized by a cargo space 1,795 millimeters in length, as well as the ability to transport up to four adults in the so-called 2 + 2 seating configuration.

The price of D-Max Space Cab version in the basic Satellite equipment package will amount to € 24,790 (+ VAT), but during the DDOR BG Car Show event, the price will amount to € 22,720 (+ VAT).

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The third ISUZU D-Max is in the standard four-door and five-seat Crew Cab configuration, in the middle Solar package, equipped with an automatic 6-speed transmission. Its price at the fair will total 27,500 euros (+ VAT) instead of regular 29,300 euros.

The fourth D-Max model also comes in Crew Cab configuration, but of a slightly better Solar Plus equipment package, which includes side sills, automatic air conditioning, key card, etc. The exhibition model is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, and will total 27,300 euros (+ VAT) instead of 29,300 euros.

The best Quasar equipment package is the D-Max Crew Cab, which, especially for the DDOR BG Car Show 07, includes plenty of accessories, such as front splitter, roof rails, special rims and sports cargo lid.

The regular price of the vehicle, without additional equipment, totals 33,300 euros (+ VAT), and during the fair, this D-Max will be available at a price of 35,990 euros (+ VAT) complete with all its accessories.

Last but not least, the biggest attraction is the D-Max Monster Adventurea specially prepared off-road adventure vehicle that features a 2-inch lift kit, metal chassis protection, front and rear metal bumpers, snorkel for ‘forcing out’ water obstacles, pull-out winch, off-road tires, LED spotlight, as well as cargo area cover.

This demo-vehicle, capable of tackling the toughest terrains, with all its accessories, including an attractive combination of colors and graphics, will amount to € 37,990 (+ VAT) during the Fair.