Big Awards at Belgrade Fair

The Professional Jury of Belgrade Fair has made a decision to present the awards to exhibitors and participants of the 54th International Motor Show in several categories.

As regards the category “Passenger vehicles”, Grand Prix was presented to Star Import d.o.o., Belgrade – for a comprehensive presentation of overall group of “Mercedes” passenger and light commercial vehicles.

“Special awards” in the same category were presented to Delta Motors doo, Belgrade – for both program and visual performance consistency of BMW vehicles; Renault – Nissan d.o.o., Belgrade – for presentation of electric cars with a special atention to “twizy” models; British Motors doo, Belgrade – for presentation of the car of the year – electric Jaguar E-Pace; Toyota Srbija doo, Belgrade – for the entire program of hybrid cars of complete vehicle group.

As far as the category of “Light Commercial Vehicles” is concerned, Grand Prix was awarded to Porsche SCG d.o.o., Belgrade – for presentation of VW commercial vehicles.

“Special awards” in this category were presented to Opel Southeast Europe LLC, Belgrade – for presentation of “Opel” commercial vehicles; FCA Serbia, Kragujevac – for the successful performance of FIAT Professional light commercial vehicles.

As for the “Accompanying Industry” category, the Grand Prix was awarded to NIS ad, Novi Sad – for promotion of G-Drive additive fuel and professional communication with consumers.

In this category, “Special Awards” were presented to TAB baterije d.o.o., Belgrade – for a complete corporate performance with a special emphasis on mobilization of sales and distribution network of storage batteries; Marinković Hofmann d.o.o., Velika Mostanica – for long-term maintenance of the Fair level of performance.

“Special acknowledgments” relative to outside categories were as follows: the Secretary of State for Science Prof. Vladimir Popovic Phd., for encouraging and engaging young researchers in the automotive industry and for organizing a scientific conference Yours 2019 as a follow-up event to the 54th International Motor Show; Royal Line company, Novi Sad – for promotion of electrical trotinet as the most promising city transport vehicle.

The professional jury was composed of: Prof. Stevo Buncic Phd., Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade (President), Marija Jelicic, Communis, and Prof. Branko Vasic, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade.

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